Style Versus Trends

New trends being unveiled each year is an exciting time, be it fashion, technology or in my own industry of interior design. Knowing which trends are being for being rolled out helps designers stay ahead of the curve. As a result helps keep our designs relevant, there is an argument however regarding style versus trends.     Trends – pros
  • Fresh turnover of style elements
  • Designs are ever changing and evolving
  • Bursts of colour and patterns typically involved
  • Some designs can look dated quicker over time
  • Trends frequently change
  • Trends usually region specific
  • Costly to keep replacing
Style – pros
  • Style, true style should never go out of date. There are enduring designs which stand the test of time. Iconic pieces of furniture and lighting work effortlessly with contemporary designs.
  • Less of a need or desire to change interior schemes
  • Tend to work better with more neutral colour backdrops
  • Won’t be for everyone’s tastes but design is subjective and a personal statement.
  • Can be more costly to create but ultimately you are looking at the long game here in terms of value.
  Colour has a significant part to play in relation to design trends. Each year there are multiple manufacturers who release their chosen colour of the year. Companies such as Pantone, Akzo Nobel and Benjamin Moore use these colours as a promotional backdrop for new colour collections. These are based on forecasted trends in the fashion, graphics and design industry. Much of the time these colour choices can be a comment on society or changes in the global or political environment.     For instance in recent years sustainability is  a key consideration and colour choices can echo the sentiment. The colour green, particularly in richer tones, is now widely used and is a key component in many current colour collections. Richer colours have been to the forefront of new trends and colour can have a huge psychological impact on our effect on our lives. In times of austerity richer colours are more widely introduced into our homes and commercial buildings. Contrast that with periods of recession where lighter airy colours have been favoured. In addition to the emotive response gained from these options they also reflect the economic aspect as lighter colours tend to use less pigment and as a result are cheaper to produce. Well chosen stylish pieces in your home can provide a timeless base in which you can introduce pop of colour and pattern. Investing in stylish well made furniture is a good approach to any design scheme. Mid century furniture is very popular right now and continues to provide a rich source of content. Indeed it seems to have gained a larger following particularly for those looking for a nostalgic element as well as newer fans of the design movement. Schemes created in the Scandinavian style have also become widely popular but retain a timeless quality along with an appreciation of well sourced quality materials. This direction is helping to ensure the future of more sustainable schemes rather than the throw away culture of the recent past. Interiors it seems can lead the way and can help make a difference in everyday life. Trends are temporary, style is enduring.
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