Pandemic gives us time consider what we really need and want in our homes

Pandemic gives us time consider what we really need and want in our homes

Trends Article in association with The Irish Examiner’s Carol O’Callaghan

Cork-based interior designer and colour consultant Ger Cooney says, “Take your time. Now is like a reset button to think. We’ve done the decluttering and tidying, then there’s painting.

“Think about opting for a paint that has plenty of pigment and which won’t have to be changed in a couple of years if you pick a versatile colour which will last. Buy better quality that’s durable.

“It’s the same with wallpaper. Pick a pattern you’ve always liked rather than something that’s a trend.”

When it comes to furniture, Ger has already seen a shift back to the arts and crafts movement with the popularity of upcycling and buying the timeless look of Scandinavian-inspired mid-century modern furniture.

“The Scandinavians, especially Denmark, buy well and pass furniture on, and are really pleased to get it,” he says. “Buy something second-hand.

“It’s far better quality than flat-packed. Go for style over trends, something you’ll love and will keep. There are bargains to be had from vintage shops and second-hand furniture stores, and online resources like Etsy and Done Deal are great for things like rugs.”

Quick and easy sustainable purchases can also include the accessory of the moment, according to Ger. “If you’re lucky enough to have a garden, great, or have indoor plants which purify the air and never go out of fashion.”

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