Cork Opera House

The concept for this project was to evoke a sense of warm, richness and luxury. As this space is primarily used in the evening I decided to create a sense of drama with a richer colour palette while introducing elements of Art nouveau. It was important that the mood of the space captured the essence of the building itself while also framing the views of Cork City by night. The style proposed was a fusion of contemporary and Art Nouveau. This VIP area in Cork Opera House comprises a suite for relaxing and dining prior to and after a show. Affectionately known as “The Elbow Room” due its shape this space required a new look and colour palette. A dark navy was chosen to enhance and embrace the space, the furniture was chosen for both comfort and durability. The classical forms enhance the space and create a mood that is effective during the day as well as night. The resulting scheme works in all settings, the accent colours in the wallpaper compliment the main colour palette and opulent flooring

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