How to work terracotta tones into your home interiors

How to work terracotta tones into your home interiors

Trends piece collaboration with Carol O’Callaghan from The Irish Examiner

Colour-phobes, look away now. We’re going back to the groovy ‘70s for a Berocca boost of orange, via the 1990s when orange reinvented itself as a brownish terracotta horror, until the interiors trendsters drove a stake through its heart and buried it beneath layers of white emulsion.

Two decades later and it’s resurrected, which, according to Cork-based interior architect and designer Ger Cooney, is a response to what’s going on in the world.

“Typically, trends, and colour in particular, are a reaction to society and events globally,” he says. “In recent times, with a push towards sustainability, terracotta and associated tones have become relevant again due to their rich and comforting appearance. The mood of a space is important, even more so for those who work and spend more time in their home. These rich warm tones evoke a sense of comfort, warmth and optimism.”

“Where before it was being used quite prominently in elements such as flooring and tiled splash backs, this time around it is being used to create more atmospheric spaces,” says Ger. “Through fabrics in bedrooms, wall colours in home offices or entrances, we are also seeing it used more on accessories, creating a rich and comforting palette that ties in successfully with the more muted natural colour palettes in recent times.”

“Softer brown hues, mid-tone greens, as well as warm whites, can combine effectively in the right setting,” he says. “When combined with more colours such as navy or black, it can create a dramatic scheme. Depending on the style of house, it can work successfully in creating rich cosy spaces such as TV rooms and dining spaces and accent walls. In more traditional settings it still has a place in kitchens and even bedrooms.

“With a move towards more earthy, natural tones, interiors are reflecting a more considered and sustainable approach. Longevity and versatility in our colour palette are key factors in creating interiors that will stand the test of time. Choosing colour schemes that are adaptable and offer variety in our homes is a great way of ensuring that our interiors remain stylish, interesting and personal to us.”

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